about me

Chris GreenGreetings.  My name is Chris.  Throughout my years I’ve lived many places in different parts of the States and the World and now I’ve returned to Middle Tennessee.  If I’ve learned one thing, you can’t call a town your home until you get to know the community.  Now I could take a few years and incrementally and accidently start fitting in but why wait?  Southerners are internationally known as open, hospitable people.  That’s exactly what I missed elsewhere and what I want to experience again now.  Therefore, I’ve decided to throw myself out there and bask in the warmth of my new home.  I’m easy to talk to and a good listener.  You can learn a bit more about me at theGreenGroup.org.

Now that you know me a bit won’t you help me learn about this great area?  Contact me and we’ll set up a short coffee meeting where you can brag about Franklin/Brentwood. Look forward to hearing from you.

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