David @ The Well

David WrightYou hope for the best at the start of any new enterprise, and the best is what I got when I met with David for a chat.  David answered my call for coffee on the Brentwood-Franklin Connections Group on LinkedIn and chose as his meeting place The Well Coffeehouse on Old Hickory Boulevard in Brentwood.

First let me recommend The Well.  Sharp, spacious, and sunny, the place just had a good vibe.  I highly recommend the Mayan Mocha made with, as I was told, Mayan powder. I do know that it had nutmeg and cinnamon in there somewhere and reminded me of the movie Chocolat.

David and I hit it off, both enjoying a peripatetic background and an enjoyment of conversation.  He’s a realtor at Realty Trust Residential and he knows the area well.  Knowing the best area restaurants is always a badge of an insider so I started with that.  David recommended a number of places around McEwen Drive and Mallory Lane in the Cool Springs section of Franklin.  First, Pei Wei Asian Diner for good food at affordable prices.  It may be a chain but I’d never lived near one before so it’s local to me.  Next he suggested Jason’s Deli for the best salads in town with great portions, a wonderful salad bar, plus free ice cream.  Finally on a bit higher end David chose Bricktop’s Restaurant for more of a trendy, higher cost meal.  Complementary to the restaurants would be wine so he suggested the Bottle Shop at McEwen and Cool Springs Wines and Spirits.

For a day out for the family he suggests a quick trip to Lieper’s Fork Village, a historic little community a few miles outside of Franklin.

Finally, and for what it’s worth, he suggested that I should get to know the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, and the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute.

Thanks David.

One comment on “David @ The Well

  1. David Wright says:

    Thank you Chris! I surely never dreamed of getting written about but I do appreciate it! One of my very favorite places anywhere is the one and only http://www.molinaris.com/. Outstanding Italian restaurante that allows about 40 or 50 guests at any given time. Their food is nothing short of remarkable!


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